Value Investing

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Value Investing
« on: April 09, 2021, 07:54:20 PM »
To be honest the state of the economy is looking quite bleak right across the west. As we saw in Q1 of 2021 the market is moving more away from growth and into value, and I completely agree that this will be the way for a few years to come now. And I've made some incredible gains since January by focusing on value investing.
I found a sight of a fintech company, called 'Valstox', that data mines the financials and makes valuations across every stock in the USA + others. I bought some of their stocklists and used their recommendations & have made over 45% on value stocks in 10 weeks.
They sell this data of valuations and present stocklists of the most undervalued stocks on an exhcange, at really good price!
I would really recommend you checking this out:
I think that Value Investing is the smart move, there's no moon shooting in equities, it's all just about holding wealth and letting it growth faster than the rate of inflation!